Back-to-School Mobile Development Webinars

Back to School Webinars – Aug 29 – Sept 9

Yup – we know what it will be like in a few weeks. September is right around the corner and your brain will be like mush from an overload of Netflix, the summer heat, and probably too much fresh air. Not to fear – the Back to School Webinar series is coming your way August 29 to September 9. Get ahead on your Android ABCs and find out the secrets to making great apps.  Hosted by WIP and Sponsored by Immersion, the leader in haptic technology; with sessions from AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Cisco, Vivotech on NFC and more. Sign up and get your seat now!  Link to:


About MTAM

MTAM is a non-profit trade association for Michigan’s mobile / wireless (connected) technologies industry and businesses in all industries utilizing those technologies. We are the first state-based mobile/wireless industry trade association in the U.S., and our mission is: • to facilitate conversation/collaboration between varied sectors of the mobile/wireless eco-system; serve as the bridge to enable diverse organizations to understand each other’s perspectives and needs in order to drive new innovation and opportunities involving these technologies; • to increase the use of, and demand for, Michigan-based mobile/wireless technology products and services in-state, nationally and globally; • to increase the productivity and profitability of every industry vertical in Michigan via the use of these technologies; • to create sustainable jobs and increased entrepreneurial opportunities in the state based on the use of these technologies, thereby achieving substantial growth of Michigan’s economy; • and to help the communities we serve via the use of these technologies. We are also the statewide producer of Mobile Monday Michigan – a mobile / wireless industry networking and education organization which is a branch of the international Mobile Monday organization based in Finland. Here in Michigan we currently have 4 chapters (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids) with over 3000+ members statewide.
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